“My business has closed down 100% during this time and I wanted to do something special, to bring happiness to homes. So I joined The Front Steps Project taking photos of people during their quarantine. 

This is not intended for business, financial, fundraisers, etc. I just wanted to spread joy to everyone while in quarantine. The response has been amazing! I’ve met so many families, singles, couples, pets, nurses, doctors, and essential workers! My husband drives up, I jump out onto the curb and take their photo. It’s that simple. It turns into a laughing session that is fun for them and fun for me. I think people are just happy to interact with humans. When I photograph a group of neighbors, it’s so much fun seeing everyone come out to their porches and wave to each other. It gives everyone 10 minutes of happiness during this time of uncertainty. I want nothing in return because I’m happy with the way they make me feel inside when I see them smile as I drive away, that’s payment enough. Spreading joy is free. And with my camera, I can do that one house at a time.”

KRON 4 news story!

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