About Me - Lara

About Me

After 15 years of taking a variety of photos with family and friends, I decided to pursue my passion and start my own photography business. I have been fortunate enough to develop deep and meaningful connections throughout my life and wanted to convey that same connection and joy into my work.

My goal is to get to know the essence of my clients so the sessions are comfortable, relaxed and most of all…fun! I want the result to exude exactly who they are and what they want to portray. My inspiration comes from a phrase said by Fred R. Barnard, “A Picture is worth a thousand words.” My experiences span across domestic and international waters photographing large corporate events which have been used for various print and social media.

My photos have been displayed in local magazines and one made the cover of a national magazine. Currently, I am a preferred photographer for various corporations and enjoy capturing moments in both large and small events.

I look forward to assisting you in creating a true snapshot that eloquently tells your story. 



(925) 899-3264

Cover Photo by Lara George

Danville Living Cover Photos by Lara George